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Caillebotte’s masterpiece goes to Getty, and four artists smash

Records during Christie’s New York auction of Edwin Cox’s Impressionist trove. Who thought that Impressionism was dead! The famous Impressionist collection of Edwin Lochridge Cox (Texas oilman also known as philanthropist, philanthropist, and 99) was auctioned off by Christie’s New York for a astonishing $332 million last night.

The 23-lot white-glove auction was sold for $267.6m that was greater than the estimates for pre-sale of $178.6m.

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Sixteen entries had financial assurances. They were either in-house or a third parties. Four artist recordings were created.

The evening kicked off with Claude Monet’s Nympheas (fragment, around 1912), which Cox was gifted in 1982 by the legendary art dealer Daniel Wildenstein. It made $5.2m (with fees) and was within its $700,000-$1m estimation.

Odillon Redon’s flower-filled still-life, Grand bouquet des fleurs of the champs (circa 1900-2005) was worth $2.3m (plus fees). (Est. $1.2m-1.8m) and Vincent van Gogh’s light suffused-landscape, Cabanes de bois parmi les liviers et cypres, painted in Saint-Remy-de-Provence in October 1889 sold to Hugo Nathan of London’s Beaumont Nathan Art Advisory, shattering its estimate (unpublished, but in the region of $40m), realising $71.3m (with fees). Both works were acquired by the collector Wildenstein & Company New York in the years 1981 and 1982, respectively.

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Refreshingly, none of the auctioned works carried the auction house’s provenance. In fact, only two of them came through the now closed doors of Wildenstein.

A second van Gogh work, Meules du ble with a pencil ink and watercolour on paper, was created in Arles in June of 1888. It was later sold to Beaumont Nathan for $31m ($35.8m plus costs). $20-30m). The picture was sold after an extended settlement between the consignor as well as the heirs to the previous owners Max Meirowsky and Alexandrine de Rothschild, as the painting was taken during the Occupation of France and transferred to the Jeu de Paume, Paris in April 1941, decades before it was finally deposited at Wildenstein.

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The third van Gogh–evidently Cox’s favorite artist, Jeune homme at Bluet a late painting made in Auvers-sur-Oise just weeks before his death, showed a smiling young man holding the cornflower in his mouth. The painting was worth $40.5m (with costs), against an estimated $5m to $7m.

Paul Cezanne’s unique to the market, exquisite seaside view and impeccable provenance L’Estaque aux toits rouges (1883-85), which was acquired by Cox in 1978, brought $48m ($55.3m including fees, estimated. $35m-$55m).

Vue sur l’Estaque et le Chateau d’If was another variation of the famous series. It was sold through Christie’s London for PS13.5m/$20.5m in February of 2015.

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Le basin d’argenteuil (1874) A more comprehensive Claude Monet entry, depicting a variety of vessels moored and figures on mirror-like waters , and featuring an impressive history of exhibition the piece was purchased for $24 million (Est. $27.8 plus fees). $15m-25m). It was secured by a guarantee from a third party similar to Van Gogh and Cezanne.

The only piece of work last night by a female artist, Berthe Morisot’s oil-on-canvas Fillette portant un panier (1888) was the sole work. It was acquired by Cox in 1977 early in his collecting career . He bought it for $4.4m (plus fees). $2-$3m).

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The last and cover lot, the one everyone had been waiting for and surely captured Cox’s exquisite taste–was Gustave Caillebotte’s enthralling composition, Jeune homme a sa fenetre (1876). The painting was sold to New York dealer Adam Williams who bid on behalf of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles for $46m ($53m plus fees, estimated. on request in the region of $50m) which was records for the artist.

Cox bought the work from Wildenstein in 1995. It was also included in the travelling retrospective Gustave Caillebotte Urban Impressionist. The painting quickly became one of the most important pieces of his meticulously curated collection. It features the sculpted rear of a standing man placed in front of an open and large French window that reveals his form and the gorgeous Parisian boulevard that he gazed on, it ignited one of the evening’s fiercest bidding wars. While not in the description the standing figure was Caillebotte’s younger brother Rene who passed away shortly after the work was finished. The record was broken set by Chemin Montant (1881) at Christie’s London in February 2019 the day it was sold for PS16.6m/$22.2m (plus charges).

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Caillebotte was not only a painter with the Impressionists He was also a fervent financial backer. Perhaps the most significant, he gifted his extensive collection to France after his death.

“It was an extraordinary sale,” said Guy Wildenstein Daniel Wildenstein’s son as he exited the room for sales. The pair had sold many of the evening’s work to Cox. “He was a collector who bought very quickly, but they were all similar in taste and all went above the price we’ve ever sold.”

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